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Balcone's ZZ Top

Balcone's ZZ Top

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A mutual heritage and a love of whisky sees Balcones team up with Texan Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, ZZ Top. The limited edition named 'Tres Hombres' shares the title of the band’s first top 10 chart album released in 1973. Three grains are used: Roasted Blue corn, malted barley and rye - and yes, the three band members were consulted on the final flavour profile. It's easy to be cynical when it comes to celebrity affiliations, but the result here is yet another successful variation on Balcones theme of "big whisky". Given four or five minutes of air contact, it develops a powerful, malty bouquet, flooded with vanillas, toffee apple and caramel followed by a palate that starts out like a cask strength Irish and follows in a white chocolate infused middle before American oak and fine astringency kick in. There's a nice sweet/dry equilibrium as well as impressive length, with a finish that conjures high quality Bourbon and includes threads of smoke and rolling tobacco. A sustained fresh rye bread note balances everything out. Beyond the music and marketing, this is clever blending with the combination of grains making for an engaging, sweeter style that sits comfortably in Balcone's oeuvre. Bourbon drinkers should love it.

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