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Newcastle Dist

Barrel # 4 - Victor Hingston

Barrel # 4 - Victor Hingston

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Finally... an Australian Whisky which comes in a 750ml bottle and priced much more competitively than some of the other brands available!


Newcastles first Single Malt Whisky.
Individually numbered bottles, available in cask strength, 60% ABV and in 750ml bottles.
Named after our distillers late grandfather, his best friend, idol and mentor, Victor Hingston Moy
Silver medal winner - 2019 Royal Australian Spirit Awards.
This lightly peated Whisky was produced in January 2017, using our on-site spring for water and a blend of Voyager craft malt and peat smoked malt. Aged in a 100 litre port barrel, travelling from (and stored in) the New South Wales Snowy Mountains, Australian Capital Territory and to it's final home in Newcastle. The movement and significant temperature variations during this time give this barrel a unique mix of environments, giving that perfect level of ageing within the barrel.
Limited to 110 bottles
Aroma: Subtle and smooth with hints of oak, smoke and toffee. 
Taste: Young peaches, fresh strawberries, with the toffee sweetness and a hint of smoke on the finish.

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