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Dramfool Bruichladdich 32yo Bourbon Cask

Dramfool Bruichladdich 32yo Bourbon Cask

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Dramfool has been privileged to release many exceptional whiskies from Bruichladdich distillery. However, to release a 1992 vintage, 32 year old single cask must take the crown spot. To release such a rare whisky and do it justice we have created Dramfool’s GOLD, a new and occasional range to house the finest whisky we have been entrusted. 

This whisky exemplifies rarity. Distilled over three decades ago when Bruichladdich was a different place. No take over, no rejuvenation no Jim McEwan and team……. yet. That came nearly ten years later. This is a time when the Victorian giant was run by Jim Beam Brands (as it was then, Beam Suntory now) and production was heading towards an all-time low before eventual closure. A small passionate team were making a small amount of whisky predominantly destined to be blended. While some made it into those much enjoyed bottles of 10 and 15 years olds a favourite of Ileachs at the time, and now much sought after. Remember this is before Bruichladdich blue was even invented and Classic Laddie not even an idea!

This is an old-style whisky from a bygone generation or distillers. No doubt made using a more traditional barely variety, likely longer slow fermentation and truly tradition ways. Due to the vintage, we are certain this would have been matured close to the edge of Lochindaal in one of the original Victorian dunnage warehouses, with a close eye kept over it by Duncan McGillivray through its distillation, distillery closure and mothballing to reopening. It has stood the test of time through the ‘whisky loch’ of the 1990’s, the rejuvenation of the distillery, the boom of the 2000’s onwards, and only now is it ready to leave the cask and find a home in Dramfool’s GOLD and, we hope, be enjoyed.

It has been a long wait but well worth the time!!

Tasting notes from Jim McEwan MBE

Colour - Liquid Gold Body - Mellow, Mature & Pure Magic!

Aromas - Its a gentle mature aroma that can only come from a spirit matured a stones throw from the Atlantic Ocean. The spiciness from the bourbon soaked staves works beautifully with the sweetness of the barley, slow distillation by a team of locals who knew only one way and at 32 years its an olfactory delight. Light notes of melon and pear drift in on a marine overture, little hints of Flora & Fauna drift by inviting you to the Island of wonderful spirits and generations of Islanders who provided the pride and passion you hold in your hand.

Taste At 32 years it’s an irresistible mature spirit. The oak, the malt and the passion of the people who distil while we sleep. The marine freshness does not allow the oak to dominate thus you experience the skill of the men who have inherited the art of distillation from their forefathers.

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