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Dramfool Bunnahabhain 2008 PX Hogshead

Dramfool Bunnahabhain 2008 PX Hogshead

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The 66th Dramfool release is another first for us - a beauty of a dram from the Bunnahabhain Distillery. It has been matured in a Pedro Ximénez Hogshead for 15 years and bottled at cask strength of 55.8%. We are delighted with the result and feel it showcases a good spirit in a good cask.

Filled on 09/03/2008 and bottled on 04/07/2023 at 15 years old.

Tasting notes by Dramfool

Nose Neat: Bursting with figs, prunes, plums and toffee. A delicate thread of jasmine and lavender followed up by maritime notes of sea spray and barnacles. Also a green note of basil and tomato leaves. Fantastic!

Taste Neat: Lighter red fruits this time, with Thornton’s toffee and Muscovado sugar. Followed by sea salt and the merest hint of jasmine and lavender.

Nose Diluted: Lighter nots of figs and prunes with Jasmine and lavender again. The maritime notes are also more delicate with sea mist and the distant aroma of drying seaweed.

Taste Diluted: Slightly more herbal with basil and tomato leaves again, with red fruits and toffee, but also a hint of lychees and fresh white grapes.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan MBE;

Colour - Medium Yellow

Aromas - Opens beautifully on a fruit flight from the sherry cask. Just ahead of the sweet barley sugar from this non peated Islander is an olfactory delight and a rare release! Its time maturing in a stones throw from the Sound of Islay gives a freshness that highlights a maritime influence and highlights the fruity overture. Also a piquant oak halo really works well with the marine influence. It’s an aromatic delight!

Taste - Absolutely delightful, the freshness on the palate is vigorous & zesty, well structured with flavours of oak, toffee, ripe grapes & malt extract. This non peated Islay beauty is at its very best. Throw away the cork and the “Cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done”!!

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