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Dramfool Elderly Elvis Tilting #2

Dramfool Elderly Elvis Tilting #2

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Back to anagrams again! The word “Distillery” is included in the anagram. The 69th release from Dramfool comes from one of the most famous Speyside distilleries, and makes a welcome return to Dramfool 5 years after we bottled our only other cask from this distillery. It was distilled on the 6th October 1998 and bottled at cask strength of 55.4% on the 10th October 2023 after being matured for 25 years in bourbon barrel #4406979.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan MBE

Elderly Elvis Tilting 1998 25 y/o

Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel

Strength: 55.4% Abv

Colour: August Barley

Aromas - Opens on a foundation aroma of malted barley, crisp and sweet. Moving into a harmonious Heather in bloom freshness with hints of candied almonds. Next its a gentle drift of charred oak & bourbon which takes you back in time to its original occupant which adds a spicy sweetness that works beautifully with the oak.

Palate - At 25 Years old maturing in a bourbon barrel cask the flavours are outstanding. The sweet spiciness from the bourbon cask works beautifully with the vanilla & the spice plus the caramel flavour from the toasted oak then add the skills of the Distilling team, time and the malted barley produced by the farmers and that’s what makes this such a beautiful spirit.

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