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The Rare Liquor King

Dramfool Festival Edition 2024

Dramfool Festival Edition 2024

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As those of you who have met us at festivals will know, we like to try and put on an interesting whisky along with our regular bottlings for festivals, 2024 is no different. This year it was Bruce’s first foray into blending to create our first ever blended malt.

Using only whiskies that we own, mainly still in cask, the initial blend was created. This was then matured for a second time in an active PX quarter cask which has imparted a lot of flavour and natural colour over its four-month maturation. While the ingredients will remain a mystery (SWA rules sorry!), we can say that there is whisky from 3 years old to 20 years old, from Islay to the Highlands, and casks including sherry, bourbon and wine in there.

It is a PX bomb that packs a punch, and with a whisper of smoke to offset the sweetness.

One of only 99 x 20cl bottles at natural cask strength of 57.2%

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