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Dramfool Glenglassaugh (Peated) 11 years old

Dramfool Glenglassaugh (Peated) 11 years old

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The 46th release is a peated Glenglassaugh distilled in 2010 and bottled at 11 years old at cask strength of 56.3%. It spent the first 4 years maturing in a bourbon hogshead, and then was transferred into a refill sherry hogshead to mature for a further 7 years.

Dramfool was lucky enough to purchase this cask from famous whisky artist Ian Gray, continuing our partnership with him - Ian only acquires the best casks!

Tasting notes by Jim McEwan

Cask Type - Bourbon/Sherry Hhd - 56.3%Abv

Colour - Golden Yellow/ Light Honey

Aromas - Opens on a Maritime freshness and a drift of peat smoke from its location close to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s absolutely delightful, young, fresh & vibrant. Lots of citrus; lemon, lime and a hint of aniseed. It shows the same DNA as an Islay. The bourbon cask has bestowed a sweet spicy oak overture which works well with the gentle smoke drift. Lingering on a very light hint of sherry emerges, the sweet spicy oaky aromas from the bourbon cask is excellent, with waves of zesty barley malt bringing a biscuity sweetness that lingers in harmony with the oak sugars from the US & Spain.

Built in 1875 the spirit from this Distillery is mainly used in blends, however, its now being appreciated by single malt fans who love unique spirits and this one is in that category.

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