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Dramfool Middle Cut Bruichladdich 14yo Syrah Cask

Dramfool Middle Cut Bruichladdich 14yo Syrah Cask

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How better could we launch Dramfool’s Middle Cut to the world than with a spirit we have been so lucky to not only call our favourite, but one we have been privileged to bottle so often, a Bruichladdich of course! Not only that but a 1st fill Syrah wine barrique to boot.

A classic combination of the Scottish Distiller’s art with the French Vinter’s art, combining to create a superb Islay Single Malt. Don’t take our word alone for it however, as with all Bruichladdich distilled during his tenure as Master Distiller, if the liquid meets Jim McEwan’s exacting standards, we are allowed to add the ‘McEwan Legacy’ seal of approval, which nobody else can!

As ever with these bottlings cask strength, no chill filtration and absolutely no colour added, all you see is direct from the cask!

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan MBE

Bruichladdich 2009  - McEwan’s Legacy bottling

Cask Type  - First fill Syrah Barrique 

Strength -  64.8%

Colour        - Gorgeous Topaz/Amber

Aromas       - Opens on a brilliant combination of mellow oak, toasted barley and held in a halo of plump ripe Syrah grapes, leading onto the biscuity sweetness of toasted malt barley with a drift of vanilla. It’s a spectacular bouquet having been matured on the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean. You will find that Islay DNA and the maritime freshness that highlights all that is special to this spirit.

Palate         - The texture & flavour is succulent & sweet. - The concentrated fruitiness is in harmony with the flavour of malt extract, the oak and a moderate maritime front note from its slumbers on the Coast of Heaven! The texture of the spirit is smooth & lingers long on the palate much to the delight of the taste buds.

It’s a spirit that’s balanced, succulent and offers an insight as to how important it is to mature full term on the coast of Heaven - Islay! The quality of traditional distilling can be enjoyed.

It’s a rare beauty , No colouring, no chill filtration, just an honest Islander made by a team of traditional Distillers who have the pride and passion instilled by generations of Distillers born & raised on the Island of Distilleries.

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