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Dramfool Middle Cut Tormore 12yo

Dramfool Middle Cut Tormore 12yo

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Rightly considered one of Speyside, if not Scotland’s, most picturesque distilleries, Tormore has gained quite the following in recent years. This rise in reputation is sure to grow with the take over and powerhouse team behind Elixir Distillers who now call it their Speyside home.

A fresh, bright classic bourbon Speyside, it has that magical ‘old school’ nature that comes from a quality cask. A new distillery to the Dramfool stable and one we are delighted with!

The Dramfool mantra of ‘only bottling whisky we like’ sits deeply at the core of all we do. Inspired by generations of distillers who create this remarkable drink, who choose the right cut of spirit that eventually becomes the whisky we enjoy and discard the others - we strive to do the same.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan MBE

Tormore 2010 12 years old

Cask Type - Bourbon Barrel

Strength - 61.5%

Colour - Clover Honey / Light Amber Gold

Aromas - Unmistakably Speyside with the malty oaky vanilla notes working in harmony with the crispy sweet cereal aromas. On a distinct drift of toasted oak, crisp kiln dried malted barley followed by a beautiful combination of vanilla extract, light fruit notes, fresh fruit, apple & pear. As the aromas expand a twist of spice evolves from the bourbon residue lying deep in the oak staves. It’s fresh and vibrant with a hint of sweetness, honey and malt extract all working in harmony with the oak resin. It requires a dash of water to enjoy the skill of the distiller and the passage of time.

Palate - The cereal sweetness works well with the charred oak staves to produce a taste that is full of character. Fruity hints created by the yeast during the fermentation process work brilliantly with the oaky foundation. Fresh & vibrant with a viscosity that completely seduces the tastebuds. The sweetness of the malt extract with the bourbon residue giving the spirit a texture that is succulent & spicy. Add a dash of water which will allow the flavours to evolve and work in harmony. The Finish is silky smooth, long in tenure and quality.

It’s a Speyside gem that leans to the true DNA of a Speysider.

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