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Dramfool Port Charlotte 2002 Bourbon Barrel

Dramfool Port Charlotte 2002 Bourbon Barrel

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Port Charlotte 2002

Cask Type - Bourbon Barrel

Cask No. 86.

ABV - 58.7%

 Colour - Golden Honey. Light Amber Hue

Aromas - Opens on a combination of peat fire embers and toasted oak with a marine overture leading into the malt extract. Given time the spiciness from the bourbon cask lingers gently and works brilliantly with the peat smoked barley. It’s assertive and the Islay character is undeniable.

Palate - It’s here that you experience the fruity notes of apple and pear held in a cradle of oak and smoked malted barley. Add the marine overture from the Atlantic Ocean which is a stones throw from the Distillery constantly delivering a marine mist into the Warehouses and happily accepted by the oak casks. It’s this coming together that truly highlights the character of this unique hand crafted spirit and the skills of the dedicated team who continue to follow the same skills handed down to them by their forefathers.

Finish - The aftertaste is magical, the Islay character is warm & welcoming as the people who made it!

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