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Dramfool Port Charlotte 13yo Rum Cask

Dramfool Port Charlotte 13yo Rum Cask

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The 52nd release from Dramfool is 2009 Bruichladdich matured full-term in a Rum Barrel for 13 years. The barrel yielded 211 bottles at cask strength of 61.6%. We are pleased to announce that this whisky has been personally approved by Jim McEwan, allowing us to hallmark it as part of the Jim McEwan Legacy range.

Barrel filled on 28/04/2009 and bottled on 07/05/2022 at 13 years old.

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Tasting notes by Jim McEwan

Colour - August Barley Fields

Aromas & Flavours: Opens on a come hither note of peat smoke with a marine overture which clearly indicates its homeland. The malted barley notes merge beautifully with the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange & lemon peel with vibrant echoes of smouldering peat fires fanned by the Atlantic breezes. All leading onto a magical duet from Martinique and the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. It’s a magical rare spirit with the character of two Islands thousands of miles apart coming together as one!

Throughout, the smokiness of the peat bathes the spirit in total harmony with the crispy sweetness of Islay barley, add the spiced apples, almonds and molasses providing a stunning platform on which the Islander can shine like a sunrise on Islay’s coast.

It’s a spirit that is wonderful and rare, when will we see its like again!

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