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The Rare Liquor King

Dramfool Tomatin 1994 cask #11210

Dramfool Tomatin 1994 cask #11210

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The 44th release is a first for Dramfool, and with thanks to our ongoing journey with whisky legend Jim McEwan we are delighted to offer our first vatted malt. This is a classic case of experience (Jim’s, obviously!) winning over enthusiasm (ours) and once more Jim being right!

With the recent purchase of two 1994 bourbon single cask Tomatin we were looking forward to a double release in due course, however on sending the samples for Jim’s expertise and tasting notes a new idea was formed.

58 years and counting of experience within the trade we would be fools not to listen.

On sampling both and enjoying the subtlety of two different casks, their influence and with half a measure of each left Jim’s Master Blender expertise kicked in. What if…. one is better than two? And so this vatting was born.

This is very much a case of the whole being more than the sum of its parts and the nuances and differences complimenting to create a more complex and fuller whisky. Initially not sure about changing plans so easily we took the advice and tried the almost 50/50 mix and WOW. Jim has done it again. Why were we surprised?!

But we wanted to give you the chance to decide was Jim right? Were we right to agree?

So in what we believe is a whisky first we are not only telling you what creates the vatting (Tomatin 1994 casks #6422 and #11210) but letting you try these constitute parts singly or create your own blend.

This is your chance to enjoy not only the single casks themselves but the legends mastery of vatting malts and creating internationally renowned whisky’s.

Dramfool’s Tasting Notes

Nose Neat: Wood varnish, wood putty, caramelised brown sugar, polished wood, rum.

Taste Neat: Brown sugar, quite oily with green buds of resinous marijuana, boiled sweets, Camp coffee, a sherbet fizz on the tongue.

Nose Diluted: Hint of fresh green marijuana, rhubarb, baking bread, nectarines, leather handbags, very herbal!

Taste Diluted: Slightly salty and savoury, heaps of resinous marijuana buds, a peppery sensation on the tongue - but mouth watering, brown sugar, more leather, Turkish Delight with chocolate, dark chocolate liqueurs. Once it opens up there is loads of synthetic peach and stone fruits.

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