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Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel's Barrel Strength TRLK #1

Jack Daniel's Barrel Strength TRLK #1

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This is a special one for us!

Hand picked by Michael and his wife Nam, with the help of Lexie Phillips and her husband Josh who is the head of the single barrel program, over a period of 6 hours and numerous casks to pick from, we have landed with a beautiful cask of Jack Daniel's Barrel Strength coming in at an ABV of 62.5%

When I set out to get this cask, I wanted to go out and find a cask that in my opinion highlighted everything great about Jack Daniel's and in particular Jack Daniel's Old No 7.

I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure we hit the nail on the head! Staying clear of the more rye heavy casks I decided to go for this one as to me it has a great nose of sweetness with a small hint of the rye notes coming through with notes of vanilla too.

I'm not the best at providing tasting notes but to me this one embodies the spirit of Jack Daniel's just cranked up to 62.5% abv, so the very generous Lexie has provided me with some of her tasting notes as well as some more fun to know details of the cask that we have picked down below!

Tasting Notes from Lexie Phillips Assistant Distiller

On the aroma I get warm confectionery notes like caramelized brown sugar along with a touch of rye grain that opens up into a beautiful flavor.

Tasting dark cooked fruit drizzled in maple syrup and some lovely baking spices.
This is a wonderfully heavy viscosity whiskey that coats the palette well.

The finish is one that just keeps going, this brings around a rich nutty flavor that melts into a sweet soft fruit.

Details about the bottle
Barrel Fill date: 24 April 2018
Bottled Date: 24 October 2023
Age 5 years & 6 months
Cask Number: 23-09221

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