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Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Ghost and Rare

Johnnie Walker Blue Ghost and Rare

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A series of limited edition Scotch whiskies that explore and celebrate the rarest whiskies and distinct flavours found in Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Each release offers a fleeting opportunity to savour the character of whiskies from “ghost” distilleries that have long since closed, but whose spirit still lives on in the dwindling stocks of their maturing Scotch.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare Port Dundas is the fifth release in the series - and the first release to take design cues from the new Johnnie Walker Blue Label of iconic contemporary luxury.

Handcrafted using just eight of the rarest whiskies from the unparalleled Johnnie Walker reserves, at the heart of this new release are exceptional whiskies from the “ghost” distillery of Port Dundas. This famous Grain Whisky distillery, nestled on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal, shipped its distinct Scotch from Glasgow to ports across the world for nearly 200 years. Built in 1811, at the highest point in the city’s rich commercial history, Port Dundas became a whisky blending powerhouse, growing to become the largest distillery in Scotland. It closed its doors in 2010.
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