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Milk & Honey Apex Dead Sea

Milk & Honey Apex Dead Sea

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The M&H Apex Dead Sea is our most exciting, fascinating and anticipated
release yet, limited to only 4,892 bottles.
It is the very first whisky ever to be aged in the lowest place on earth - the Dead Sea. With temperatures climbing as high as 50ºc, this whisky is as strong and intense as the climate it has matured in.

As part of the daring Apex Dead Sea project, an array of casks from a variety of types and sizes were placed on the roof of a hotel on the coast of the Dead Sea, exposed to the harsh and dynamic weather for one year (of its entire aging period. resulting in almost 25% angels’ share during that time.

The M&H Apex Dead Sea is a single malt whisky like no other. It is an adventure we went on, driven by our love for whisky and innovative spunk. Now we would like to share it with you.

AROMA: Sweet with French vanilla and mocha, notes of cigar box and a refreshing hint of spearmint, pleasant oakiness in the background.

PALATE: A gentle beginning with black tea leaves followed by a powerful wave of warm spices such as cinnamon and coriander seeds, dark cocoa powder and a pinch of crushed white pepper.

FINISH: Long and satisfying with candied ginger and cloves, joined by a bouquet of toasted herbs and coarse sea salt. 

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