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NEFT Vodka

NEFT Vodka

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The NEFT barrel is a container as unique as its taste. Showing up at your next gathering with our black or white barrel ensures conversations get going as the taste provides a smooth finish. Nothing looks like NEFT. Whether it’s beach volleyball or backcountry skiing, bass fishing, or backpacking, the NEFT unbreakable barrel goes the distance, and stays cold for up to six hours.

NEFT uses the finest distillation processes with the purest ingredients, starting with spring water sourced from the Austrian Alps and four non-GMO grains, resulting in a premium, varietal vodka.

At NEFT we’re making for the edges of the map. In bringing to market the highest quality, small-batch vodka, we’re determined to create something unforgettable. But we can only do it by each of us creating a culture that truly cares for each other and pulls the same direction. It won’t be easy. But anything that’s worthwhile is worth fighting for. So, let’s get there together. Let’s make more than vodka — let’s write a tale worth telling. Because life is a story, so let’s make it a good one.

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