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Dramfool Middle Cut Caol Ila 15yo

Dramfool Middle Cut Caol Ila 15yo

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As part of our long promised inaugural release of Dramfool’s Middle Cut, we are delighted to present a 15 year old Caol Ila distilled on 4th July 2008 (a perfect dram to celebrate Independence Day, if it lasts that long in the cupboard!), matured for 13 years in a bourbon barrel before being transferred into a fresh refill Bordeaux red wine barrique filled within days of being emptied for bottling as an unpeated release in our Jim McEwan Signature Collection release #1. Finished for over two years, adding a balance of fruit and flavour - when a cask is that impressive why not use it twice!

The Dramfool mantra of ‘only bottling whisky we like’ sits deeply at the core of all we do. Inspired by generations of distillers who create this remarkable drink, who choose the right cut of spirit that eventually becomes the whisky we enjoy and discard the others - we strive to do the same.

Tasting notes by Jim McEwan MBE

Cask Type - 13 Years in Bourbon, then 2 years in red wine Barrique

Strength 58.3%

Colour - 19 Carat Gold!!

Aromas - Beautiful opening on a smoky marine combination of peat, seaweed & charred oak from the Bourbon barrels which work in harmony with the wine influence. Underneath it all lies a briny sea breeze, and this allows the red wine to add a halo of red fruits without detracting from the smoky peat influence. A dash of water is required to fully and truly experience the taste!

Taste - It’s an absolute delight. All the aromatics can be found on the palate, particularly the red wine which calms the peat fire influence. While very potent, this Islay gem walks a different path. A fruitier, more grainy taste which makes the flavours from the malted barley uphold its Islay heritage despite the high alcohol. The wine flavour is working well giving this spirit a DNA that is seldom experienced.

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