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Dramfool Peerie Craetir 3 years old ex refill Red Wine Barrique

Dramfool Peerie Craetir 3 years old ex refill Red Wine Barrique

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The 67th Dramfool release sees the welcome return of the much admired Red Bag distillery from Islay’s shores. This release we believe to be the youngest ever bottling of whisky from this distillery. Bottled at 3 years old, not to just prove a point, but to prove that young whisky can be great whisky. As they would say in Shetland (Bruce’s 2nd home) it’s not quite a monster, but a “Peerie Craetir”. Matured in a refill Red Wine Barrique for 3 years, which has no doubt mellowed this rare spirit, it packs a punch of flavour reminiscent of old fashioned releases, perhaps the true distillery character.

The sharp-eyed among you will notice our stack of casks has been burned by the Peerie Craetir. Dramfool will rise like a Phoenix from the flames in our new bottle and livery with our exciting 68th release…….watch this space.

Filled on 02/07/2020 and bottled on 27/07/2023 at 3 years old.


Tasting notes by Jim McEwan MBE

Cask Type - Red Wine Barrique.

Colour - Medium Straw/Honey

Aromas - It’s got that Atlantic freshness with a smokey halo and just a hint of fruit from the red wine cask. The barley crisp sweetness is the main speaker with that classic dried Islay DNA. Its young & fresh with a hint of Heather in bloom. With the addition of water it opens to reveal the fruit character and this works well with the phenolic marine freshness.

Palate - The malty peatiness develops as the spirit opens and the red wine influence on the oak work beautifully with the crisp sweet smokey cereal. It’s young and this highlights the skill of the Distillery team who are often overlooked. They have created a classic Islay as did their forefathers, that is what it’s all about, skill, passion & pride and this is evident when you enjoy the company of young Red Bag.

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